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Add Value To Your Home Sidewalk With Kerb Appeal

Although you do not own the kerb (sidewalk) in front of your home, you are expected to maintain this area and to always ensure that adequate space is always allowed for pedestrians to pass without having to walk in the road. The kerb or sidewalk is the section of property between the road and where your property begins. You should familiarise yourself with the by-laws of your municipality with regards to the upkeep of your sidewalk, and this includes instances when you want to pave, add plants, or adjust anything along the outside of your boundary wall.

When selling your house, the street view will play an important role in the first impressions about your property, and this includes the appearance of your sidewalk. From a security perspective, it is also important to keep this area clear of overgrown bushes and grass that may contribute to your property being targeted by potential criminals.

Generally, this type of maintenance should simply involve mowing the grass and possibly trimming away any trees so that they are easy to walk under. However, if you find this responsibility a bit of a challenge or don’t have the time for it, there are other options that you can consider.

What is Kerbside Paving?

Sidewalk or kerbside paving can consist of traditional paving materials such as brick, asphalt or concrete and is used to enhance the overall aesthetics of the property, whether it is residential or commercial. Some kerbside paving serves a functional purpose to drain away stormwater too.

How Can I Improve the Look of my Sidewalk or Kerb?

While many homeowners may plant a lawn and other plants on their sidewalk, it can be more maintenance-intensive and require a lot of watering and fertilising. TLC Flooring not only offers and installs artificial grass that you can use in place of a traditional lawn but also provides another elegant, low maintenance and long-lasting stone chip solution.

Installers of Sidewalk Paving in Cape Town

TLC Flooring in Cape Town, a supplier and installer of wooden flooring (laminated and engineered wood), luxury vinyl flooring, carpets, blinds, and shutters, also supplies outdoor solutions such as awnings, artificial grass, and kerbside paving.

What does a Kerb Appeal Sidewalk Installation Entail?

Once contacted, TLC Flooring will send a consultant to your property to assess and measure the area and provide you with a quotation within 48 hours. On approval, a date and time will be scheduled for the work to commence.

TLC Flooring in Cape Town, begins by digging, cutting, chopping, and clearing the old kerb grass and soil. All soil and grass are placed into a skip, which is removed once the job is complete, so there is no mess left behind. The prepared area is then covered with a special cloth that prevents the growth of future grass or weeds. TLC will deliver and lay your chosen stone option over this cloth and ensure the final neatness of the area.

This feature will add value to your home and save water and maintenance, providing your home with kerb appeal. Click here to view the process and available stone options or contact TLC Flooring for further information.


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